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Bad playing/recording ahead. You have been warned!

[Fastback] - Original Song snippet
[The Road to Victory] - Video Game Cover
[Skull Castle] - Video Game Cover
[Bubbleman's Theme] - Video Game Cover
[Transylvania] - Iron Maiden cover
[What the Feck] - Original Song snippet
[Trust] - Megadeth cover
[Angry Again] - Megadeth cover
[Hangar 18] - Megadeth cover
[Tornado of Souls] - Megadeth cover
[Dread and the Fugitive Mind] - Megadeth cover
[Wicked Child] - Video Game Cover
[The Trooper] - Iron Maiden cover
[Fucking Hostile] - Pantera cover
[Master of Puppets] - Metallica cover
[Kill The King] - Megadeth cover
[I'll See The Light Tonight] - Yngwie Malmsteen rhythm cover
[Hook In Mouth] - Megadeth cover
[Warehouse Battle] - Video Game Cover
[Seek & Destroy] - Metallica cover
[Holy Wars] - Megadeth cover
[Creeping Death] - Metallica cover
[Electric Crown] - Testament cover
[Phobia] - Kreator cover

All guitars on all files are played by me.
All drums were made by me using a freeware version of
Fruityloops Studio 2.0. (I've upgraded since.)
All sounds were recorded & mixed using Cakewalk & Goldwave