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Annihilator covers:
[Knight Jumps Queen]
[Weapon X]

Anthrax covers:
[ADI/The Horror Of It All]
[Caught In A Mosh]
[Deathrider] (John Bush version)
[Got The Time] (Anthrax's Joe Jackson cover)

Death Angel covers:
[Thrown To The Wolves]

Dethklok covers:

Evile covers:

Exodus covers:
[Fabulous Disaster]
[Shroud Of Urine]

Gama Bomb covers:
[Zombie Blood Nightmare]
[Zombie Brew]

Iced Earth covers:
[Disciples Of The Lie]
[My Own Savior]
[Stand Alone]
[The Reckoning]
[Travel In Stygian]

Iron Maiden covers:
[The Trooper]

Kreator covers:
[Enemy Of God]
[Lost] (live version)
[People Of The Lie]
[Voices Of The Dead]

Megadeth covers:
[1000 Times Goodbye]
[Holy Wars] (short version)
[Holy Wars...The Punishment Due] (full version)
[Rust In Peace...Polaris]
[>Set The World Afire]
[Silent Scorn]
[Tears In A Vial]
[Tornado Of Souls]

Metallica covers:
[Creeping Death]
[Damage, Inc.]
[Dyer's Eve]
[Holier Than Thou]
[Jump In The Fire]
[Master Of Puppets] (short version)
[Metal Militia]
[No Remorse]
[Seek And Destroy]
[The Four Horsemen]

Overkill covers:
[Bring Me The Night]

Ozzy Osbourne covers:
[Tattooed Dancer]

Pantera covers:
[Fucking Hostile]

Testament covers:
[Into The Pit]
[The New Order]

Riff Rundown Videos:
[Overkill - Bring Me The Night]

Video Game covers:
- Blaster Master
  [Radioactive Decay]